I went and had my strat repaired today, and the idiot replaced the strings with 9's, which is worse than it sounds as I play a lot of Hank Marvin (laugh all you want). I'm fairly novice, but it doesn't sound like my old 10s at all. So, will the fact that i'm a novice in mind, should I replace with 11s, or just some 10s, and which brand to go for?

We can't create preferences for you and strings are all preference. Clearly you don't like 9s so try something else. If you like 11s stick with them, if you don't like them then go back to 10s. Once you get a gauge dialed in buy a few sets of the common brands and see what sticks. Take a few minutes on youtube and learn how to set up your guitar for a different gauge of strings.

Strings are cheap and you have to change them anyway, there's really no substitute for experience on this one.