Hi guys,well,i want to buy a multieffects pedal,but I don't know which one:
-Digitech RP360X
-Zoom G3X

they caught my attention because of their softwares to edit and customize your effects.Could you guitar veterans help me?
The 360 is very good for people getting into multis. Very nice PC based set up. £15 quid for additional 3 way switch and it becomes very versatile. Run through patches, banks and also individual effects on and off without fiddling with the unit, and also gets the pain in the ass looper switch away from the main unit. Zooms are ok, tend to cram way too much mediocre stuff into their gear to be innovative and cutting edge, when in truth it's jack of all trades etc...And zoom distortions have more fizz than coke. IMO. I use both The 360 and Zoom gear. I know which sounds I prefer.
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For me, it would be the Zoom all the way. Some excellent sounding effects, and all the added features make it a must have IMO.

That said, Digitech are a brand I've never really tried, so I can't say if thats as good as the Zoom or not. I just know that in general multi effect recommendation threads they don't get mentioned as much as Line 6 & Zoom, so I'd guess they're a step behind the class leaders.
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I had the RP-155 for a while. It was okay. I upgraded to the G3 and it was a night and day difference. I don't know about the RP360. Being in the same line, I'd say the safest best is the G3, great value.
The drum machine/looper combo alone make the Zoom the sure choice. The RP is decent enough in the modeling and FX dept, but I don't think it's any better than the Zoom. There are probably FX in each that one would find better than the other.