I've only been back into playing guitar for a few months but it's summer and I really want to grab an acoustic to travel around with. This Yamaha FG730S caught my eye and I talked the owner down to 200 for the guitar and a hard case. I'll leave a link showing it in a few pictures. My main concern is the dings in the back of the guitar....will they effect the sound? are they easily repairable? All honest input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
The dings won't affect the sound, provided they haven't loosened a back brace, and neither would bother me in the least. A loose brace is easily fixed, but invisible repairs to the dings would likely cost about as much as the cost if the guitar when it was new. What I would be looking at is things like neck angle, and saddle height and action height.
As long as they don't affect the sound I wouldn't even bother with fixing them I don't imagine. You're right too, I'll be keeping my eyes on those other factors. Thanks for the info man
For a cheap guitar like that, a few dings that small are so negligible that it's not even worth getting fixed. It won't affect the sound in the slightest and chances are it hasn't even damaged the wood and only dented the lacquer.
they're just dings. over time most guitars get them, and you'd never know by listening to them. the FG730 is a nice guitar.
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