Saw this in Schecter's Special Edition section and the specs look very tasty. Link below:


Now, as much as I want to order one I'm not too sure what Schecters are like and no local stores around stock Schecters. I'd also be selling my Ibanez RGD2120z if I bought one so I'm curious to know how they compare, especially, since I find the RGD's neck to be a bit 'anorexic'.

So general questions:
Anyone know how the build quality would compare to my RGD2120z?
Will I like the neck (a bit of a difficult one to answer, I know)?
Does anyone know how long Schecter special editions are normally available for?

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Schecters usually have thick necks. Judging by the specs, this one is no exception.

I have an Ibanez RG and had a Schecter Damien guitar a while back. The Schecter was noticeably bulkier on the neck.

Build quality looks solid. But this is a Korean made guitar (which some are hit and miss) and you could get a lemon if you got bad luck.

So with all that said, it'd be best (if possible) to try one out BEFORE you buy it.

It looks like a nice guitar, tho. (I'm a sucker for pitch black guitars.)
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Well I much prefer a meaty neck, so to me that's a good thing, in fact I find Schecters in general to be meaty. TBH I don't think the build quality will be that much different, we're comparing a japanese make to a Korean make, and from what I've heard Korean makes have been getting much better over the years, so I'm willing to bet the guitar will be of good quality. Schecters are kind of polar opposites to Ibanez in my experience, whereas Ibanez tends to focus on being extremely fast and slim, Schecters tend to be thick and tight, great for rhythm playing. That's not to say you can't shred on them, they're just a different kind of axe.
Schecter's build quality and quality control are great for their price range. Their upper end models, like $700-$900+ are on par with some guitars in the $1200+ range, if you give them an honest comparison of sound and feel with no bias of brand or country of manufacture. Both of mine are 10 years old and still play great, with little to no maintenance, outside of some basic adjustments a few times a year. And I get to play and inspect newer models at work.

Regarding that specific model; it's from Korea, which is where the better Schecters typically come from, aside from the much higher end USA models. It's got the same shape neck as both of mine. It's actually only a little bit thicker than a typical Ibanez neck, but the shape makes it feel thicker than that. I love it. Super comfortable. Easy to get a good grip on, if you want to strum and hold it cowboy chord style, but definitely shreddable unless you've got super small hands. It's got locking tuners, which are very nice. As for the pickups, don't make the mistake of thinking they're "stock" pickups because they're by Schecter, rather than SD or EMG or something. They're built in the USA shop, and are waaaay better than the "Diamond" pickups that they put in the <$500 models. Oh, and special editions are usually available for about a year, depending on how fast they sell. They just make one big batch then sell em til they run out. That one's been out for at least a few months now.

And if you're worried about ordering one without playing it first, just get it from a good reputable store and you'll be able to exchange if there's anything wrong that can't be fixed with a simple setup. But they've usually got great quality control. They ship all of the imported guitars to their shop in California and set them up there before sending them to dealers. And I think they take extra care with limited editions. They don't want them coming back. The couple limited edition models that have come through my store had pretty much flawless factory setups. In tune right out of the box. Fret ends like butter. Still though, with mass production, there are occasional lemons. That's just the way it is. But that's what warranties and return policies are for, and Schecter's been good about the very small number of returns I've had to deal with at work.

TL;DR: Schecter's build quality is just as good if not better than anything else in the same price range, the neck is slightly thicker than an Ibanez, but still shreddable, and that Black Ops is sweet. Shit yes, swamp ash and satin finish.
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Thanks for the detailed replies guys, so... It's looking this would be a good purchase for me. I think I'll wait until I return to london in a month to try some Schecters out.
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