So I got father's day coming up and have a chance to get a big...around $200ish. I have a peavey 6505 and hellraiser because i used to want to do thrash doomy punk stuff, but these days I'm pretty all around. I love my guitar and amp, but want to be able to calm down my sound for softer stuff. I have a demon wah, russian muff, boss delay, wylde od, and a noise suppressor which are good for stoner doom stuff, but that's about it. So I'm tempted to keep my ns2 since it'll be hard to replace if i want to go back to doom stuff, but maybe sell the rest of it since the multi effects pedal could replace them. How's the effects pedals with that gear? Also what's the best pedalboard in $250 range I was checkin out the vox tonelab St. I want something not cheapy, but not overtop..., that can play hard and soft, with maybe a looper, delay, distortions.. etc. Thx for the posts!!
If you can find an HD500 or HD500x used, that would be around 250-300. would be best for all around playing. To add, you wouldnt need any of the other pedals as well. I dont use any of the pedals in my sig anymore after buying an HD500x
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Forgive me for trying to sway, but if you have some dirt and fuzz boxes already, and what you want is to have some fun with delays and effects, Id say take that 200 bones and invest in a line 6 green delay box, or maybe even a used EHX POG. You sound like you have quite a bit going on, in and around the floor. The 6505 is a fantastic amp with one of the most iconic overdrive/distortion sounds imaginable, lining up a BOSS with a DS-1 module seems fool hearty, nothing compares to that amps gain. (Seriously the list of people that have used a 5150/6505 is mind numbing)....

That being said, a used Zoom G7 will run you about 250 - maybe less - it has been, and continues to be the best floor board I've tried, the expression pedal is worth it alone, I feel. Still, that amp is the heat, get some bad ass delay and wave effects in the loop and just go bat sh!t crazy with it's distortion, it deserves to be played that way.

Happy hunting - and a damn fine amp you have
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or maybe even a used EHX POG.


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