Motionless in white being my favorite band, you set yourself to very high standards in my eyes.

It's fairly solid. I always really like the horror vibe type music, but it leans a lot more to the manson side than the MIW, which is where it falls short for me.
ayy lmao
Makes me think of some of Marilyn Manson's early demos. In fact in some parts it sounds almost exactly like Dope Hat, also Cake and Sodomy at the end.

I'm assuming you're playing all the instruments yourself. So I think the best thing you could possibly do for your music is put together a full band - get someone who really plays drums well. It seems like you're a good musician but you're having some trouble staying steady on the beat all the time. A good drummer will help. Also working with other musicians will get some more diverse influences in there so you're doing your own thing rather than imitating Manson and Motionless, which is kind of what seems to be happening.
That said, the Portrait of an American Family sound is unique - I've always been upset the Manson band never explored it further - and if you can do something that incorporates that influence it could be really cool. I'd suggest listening to the Portrait songs and trying to figure out some of Daisy's lead stuff on guitar - if you search Daisy Berkowitz on soundcloud he has an alternate, very guitar-heavy mix of the album that might be cool for you to check out if you haven't already. Don't ape his riffs, but keep the sound in mind and make something new. Actually here's a link:

I'll leave you with this - even if you want to be "controversial", you can't do it through imitation. Marilyn Manson seemed so crazy in the 90s because he was this guy with a hard, aggressive sound, but just enough pop hooks to get the mainstream attention, and also because he thrashed around and wore corsets and cut himself on stage, had the black hair and /lipstick, was constantly critical of religion and society, etc. We never had anyone like him before - even Alice Cooper was a bit less heavy, a bit less pop, much less outspoken offstage, and a bit more whimsical. And I'm sorry, but you're kidding yourself if you think Motionless in White is actually a controversial artist today. They seem to be aping Manson's image and lyrical themes. But see, it's not as shocking, because we've pretty much seen it before. Even musically, there are tons of other mainstream bands with that type of sound.

Wow this turned into a couple of paragraphs. Sorry about that. Just wanted to be honest and I hope some of this might help and give you some stuff to think about as you continue to create music. Overall you just need to find your style a bit more.