I have a $3,000 budget for a new guitar rig. I'm pretty much set on a contemporary Avatar 4x12 cab with V30s. I can either save money and just get a POD 500X and run it through a Rocktron Velocity 300, instead of getting a tube amp, since I already have the Rocktron. Or I can get a tube amp + the POD for effects. I was thinking of a Peavey Valveking Mark II 100w. I already know of the Axe FX and Kemper and I'm not interested in either.

I play in Drop B and Drop C#, but I'm looking for a 6 string guitar than can handle Drop B pretty well, I already have an EC-1000 for C#, but I'm looking for other guitars that are well suited for the heavier genre (Seymour Duncan's pickups preferably).

Thanks in advance guys, looking forward to seeing some rad gear!
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