So I have this old cheap Strat copy that I bought at a market as my first guitar. I now have a new one and ave been trying to sell the old one for quite some time, but no luck. So I thought that I could make it look 'cool' (note: your, mine and others' definition of 'cool' may vary), look like it's really old and worn, I want to make it look like it's been in hundreds of battles, been to hell and back.

Think something like Billie Joe Armstrong's "Blue", but I don't want it to look exactly like that, like a rip-off or a replica. I want to make it look 'punk'.

What are some ways to do that?

And before you go and say that this is stupid, yes, I know it is stupid. I tried to sell it, but couldn't, so I just want to do this, m'kay.