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Thanks for sharing this track with us.

This track has a lot of cool, bluesy and funky phrasing in it. You also seem to be a very technical player, and the soloing halfway through the song sounded like it was a breeze for you. The doubling up of guitars at certain sections was also a nice touch. I think this is a very cool arrangement. That being said, I think there were areas where the mix itself could be improved. To be specific, the rhythm guitar sounded very thin and trebly at the beginning of the track. The bass was a bit boomy. I also thought the cymbals were very tinny and the snare was sitting a little low in the mix. I understand you made the track years ago from your description. I'm guessing you now have access to better tools and a better grasp over mixing so I won't dwell on that any longer.

On to the specific moments which caught my attention:
0:49 I really enjoyed the doubling up of the guitars here.
1:12 I was NOT anticipating a breakdown here, that was very interesting.
1:30-1:56 Damn, there are some crazy technical riffs here. These are played very fluidly.
2:15 I really like that "swoosh" in the background.
3:51 The track ended a little abruptly. I'm guilty of this too.

Can you check out my track? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1678522

P.S. Arduinos are awesome
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Great feel, the bass and the first guitar parts are really funky, in a good way. The leads are very nice, precise playing and tasteful phrasing. The breakdown gives it some nice dynamics, and the guitar solo that comes after is just great. You have some skills, and on top of that you know what notes to play, I can't but to praise your lead playing I didn't expect the bass solo, surprising but very nice. Overall I think it's a great track. I can't think of anything bad to say, great work It does sound like you cut the song too early in the end though.
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Thanks for your comments! The bass sound and the mix could be better (specially the bass sound). And the end is very abrupt because I made a copy/paste from the first section of the song and I must recorded a end, but I didn't want. I guess that when I recorded it I thinked that it was original ... or maybe I was very lazy I didn't want to work more ... I don't remember