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Generally, some TS style overdrive, like a TS808 or TS9 or some copy like a GFS greenie or a digitach bad monkey.
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I like my MXR M77 (Custom Modified Badass OD) a lot better than my TS-9. Everybody and their dog uses a Tubescreamer of some sort.

I like my MXR because it has bass adjustability as well as high-end, has a mid/lows emphasis switch, and is quite a bit quieter than my TS.

But most importantly, it has a little more grind than my TS and sounds a little richer with more harmonic complexity. I use it with a 6505+ too, FWIW.
OD pedals with EQ's are usuable? I mean, for example the duncen 805...it's worth to buy OD with EQ? Then don't need separately an EQ pedal. Ok it's not a 10 band EQ, only low, mid and high, but it's will be much cheaper, then maxon OD808 and some EQ pedal.
The Maxon OD808 is a good choice but I feel like you're paying for the name. In the budget world the Joyo Vintage Overdrive is awesome and $30 new. The Joyo sounds great and not just great for the price. I like it better than the Bad Monkey, also a budget option. (I have both.)

I've never tried a Timmy but if I could find one for a bargain I'd snatch it up just to see. I feel like you have to EQ the amp differently with the tubescreamer in place. The Timmy is supposed to be transparent from tone (no low cut, mid boost).
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OD pedals with EQ's are usuable? I mean, for example the duncen 805...it's worth to buy OD with EQ? Then don't need separately an EQ pedal

In this case the "EQ" will only be engaged at the same time your OD is. Depends what you are aiming for.

The Duncen allows you to color your tone more precisly I suppose..

Tubescreamer will give tighter sound and mid hump.

Timmy much more transparent.

To sum it up, it all comes down to what kind of sound you are seeking. There's no "better" option.
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I have a Bad Monkey, but there are a lot of green pedal options out there to choose from. I like the Bad Monkey because it has the e.q. action to help shape things a bit more. I don't use it much as I don't get into crazy metal mode all that often.
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Digitech Hardwire Cm-2. has a better eq setup than a regular tubescreamer and has an option for more gain if needed. it's basically a higher quality version of the Bad Monkey.
I own a pile of Ibanez TS modal pedals and I love them but I agree with some of above that today the Ibanez TS line (TS9 and 808 reissues) are way overpriced. Bad Monkey is a very reasonable alternative and sounds just as good at a fraction of the price.
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Back when I was playing on a 6505+ I liked the Soul Food in front of it. That and my Fulldrive 2 always did a killer job even though it took up a little bit more board space.