So I realize that most great Doom riffs aren't super technical and are usually very simple but for some reason I have a hard time writing worthwhile doom licks. So my question is what parts of theory would you consider essential? I'm talking about writing stuff like Candlemass, Magic Circle, Procession etc.
...Idk. Does it sound like Doom? I mean, you know your great doom metal bands. What did they do? Other writing in a minor key (mostly)? I don't really know how useful analyzing Doom Metal would be, from a theory perspective.
I'd say it's mostly just keeping them slow and dark sounding and using lots of dissonant intervals and really not sounding like you're in a hurry to get anywhere. Tritones, minors thirds, and minor seconds are your best friends, but that goes for a lot more than just doom, and of course anything goes. Learn a bunch of doom riffs and look at what notes they use. Look at where the dissonant and consonant sounds are in the riff -are they on an accented beat? are they short or long?
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