Hey everyone! I recorded a jazz song for my senior project, and it's my first recording ever. If anyone could give me some feedback on how I did music wise I would really appreciate it.
For the chords, I used basically the same chords as the jazz standard "Easy Living" and I made the solo on the spot.

My Video (A Moonlit Night)
I'll give you some thoughts on the production as well because that's how I roll. The acoustic guitar sounds a bit unrefined, and overall the instruments sound somewhat unprofessional. But I guess you didn't attempt to record this like a professional? Sounds like you just tracked everything on top of each other without any post processing. But it's a good start, I can hear everything clearly.

The song itself is nice. The solo isn't spectacular to be honest, but I think you still did a great job. At least nothing was out of place and the playing was clean. I think you could have "explored" a little more since it's a jazz song after all, sometimes the notes that are out of place sound the sweetest. It's kind of a safe solo, but still a cool one.

And it reminds me of Fallout 3, which is nice.
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