I live in a duplex and the walls are pretty thin, because of this I cannot play guitar anytime past 9PM!! My neighbor is some cranky single old lady and she likes to get really mad whenever I make to much noise. Does anyone have any tips on playing quietly enough so only you can hear? I hope this made sense.
With an electric guitar? Use headphones, or elevate or tilt the amp so that the speaker is pointed at your head, rathet than your feet.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
You should get a Pod or some type of headphone amp. It really is a valuable tool for practicing.
At night I just play out of my vyvpyr 1 with $40 over ear headphones. Works good for me since I hate playing out of an amp with low volume.
Definitely headphones.
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At night, I like to use my POD w/ headphones. I play in my house so no neighbors but, I like to keep the volume down for the GF lol. So, no doubt just play through a decent pair of headphones.
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