Hey im planing to buy new guitar, It's a flying v by B.C. Rich, full name B.C. Rich Kerry King Metal Master V - Tribal Fire.
I've been playing only for 5-6 months so i don't really know much about guitars, is it good guitar? does anyone use it? and yeah I play metal, I play more black metal than any other genres.
It is really cheap here in locals stores so idk if it's good.
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Doing a quick google search it looks like that guitar is in the beginner range, maybe close to intermediate.
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Just my humble opinion. I can't comment specifically on a BC Rich Flying V but I can comment on V shaped guitars. I owned a Gibson Flying V for many years and to be honest while it sounded excellent for what I was playing (classic rock) it mostly sat in it's case at home. V shaped guitars look cool but they are a pain in the ass to sit and play and almost impossible to put on a guitar stand. If this is to be your main guitar to play at home. I'd pass on any V shaped guitar. You'll get tired of trying to balance it and play and being a new player you may develop some bad habits trying to get comfortable with a V shape.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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Does anyone else think that it's strange that Kerry King is hocking a signature guitar without a Kahler, or at least some sort of tremolo? I mean, he is the dive-bomb "King."

Seriously, though, I have played a few BC Rich guitars over the years and none of them have impressed me. That said, everything is personal preference. If you like it, then you'll play it, and that's what is important. It is in the beginner price bracket.

That said, there's also something to be said for making do with what you have for a while, and saving for a future purchase. You're still pretty green, so you may find yourself going in a musical direction that doesn't jive with a black, flying instrument of Satan's wrath. If you're into metal, Ibanez, ESP, Carvin, and even Gibson make great shred machines, which I think are better investments than a BC Rich. My advice is: if you have to have it, go for it (especially if you do not already have an electric guitar), but you may be better off practicing your chops and saving toward a better guitar.
The sound of the guitar will perfectly suit what you play, but you should try it first to see if you feel comfortable with it. I've played cheap B.C Rich's that felt great, and ones that felt like a massive uncomfortable log. V's are generally comfortable if you put them the right way.
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