I was answering a question in another forum and realized that my answer and many of the other answers I post are influenced by the fact that I not only play guitar in my band but I am also one of the lead and harmony vocalists. I thought about how much different my playing would be if I didn't sing. I wondered how many people here on the forum are also in the same situation. Being a vocalist I also choose to own the PA system and again that has an influence on the guitar side because sometimes I want to buy a new guitar but I really need a new mixing board or a better monitor.

How many forum mates here due double duty as both guitar players and vocalists and how does one effect the other?
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
I am not in a band but as a banjo and steel guitar player I'm excused from singing if I don't want to. Such is bluegrass and country, where singers tend to play guitar, mandolin, or fiddle and others are relegated to the role of only occasional backup on the chorus, similar to drummers in rock. Off the top of my head Ralph Stanley is the only lead vocalist that comes to mind.
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Yes, because I like yelling and playing guitar at the same time.

Everyone in my band sings, but no one sings well.
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Yes. That's what I mean. Your choice of gear is dictated by your playing situation. I was curious how many people on the forum just play and ones who also sing and others who do like I did back in the 90's when I played both guitar and keyboards (very basic) in a band and just alternated between the two. It's just my own curiosity but I did realize how often my own situation colors my response to questions I post to here on the forum.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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No. But I'm studying and I hope that I can have my own band later. Today, me and some of my friends bought tickets of Muse concert from http://en.damai.cn. We hope that we can form a band and can perform like them.