Got to say Ive been using these for years and never had any problems


When I first started out on guitar I was using the Ernie Balls but I always had a problem with them breaking too quickly. I just thought this was normal until I swapped string brands.

So whats your preference?
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I have used Ernie Ball Slinky's for at least 30 years on all my guitars. I recently bought 10 sets of "Musicians Friend" brand strings to see how they sound (only $2.29 a pack and free shipping). They sound surprisingly good. Time will tell how fast they get "dull" and lose their initial tone but I am pleased so far. I remember years ago (maybe 15 years ago) Musicians Friend had an in-house brand that actually had a line printed in small letters on the back of the package that said "Manufactured by Gibson for Musicians Friend". They were good strings.
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Maybe the Ernie Balls are better made thesedays? Back in the mid 90's when I was using those, I would get maybe 30 hours home practise out of them (two weeks or so), and then the E string would usually snap.
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I use DR Pure Blues
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Same as you TS. Daddario EXL 110 10-46

I have extremely sweaty hands and they seem to be the ones that last the longest for me.

Tried coated strings once, but didn't liked how they felt/how they sounded.

Have been through lots of other brands, such as DR, Dean Markley, Ernie Ball, etc. Loved the sound of Ernie Balls, but they don't last long enough for me.

Didn't liked the sound of Dean Markley strings. Also bought once 2 packs of Blue Steels, one came with the strings already rusted, the other one that was fine, I didn't liked the feel and the sound of them.

DRs are pretty nice too, but I prefer Daddarios over them.

One brand of strings that I want to try out is Dunlop, some love them some hate them and say that they sound dull. Have to check for myself some time.
What are the best strings for rock/metal music? I recently tried the cobalt 10-46 earnie ball and they do seem to interact with my pickups different than the standard. They also feel a little different on the fingers. I guess we will see how they last.
Been using Super Slinkys for a long time - tried Heavy Bottoms, and GHS Boomers, etc, but I always end up coming back to .42-.09
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I think Elixers are cool but I switched to Daddarios for price reasons. The Polywebs are better than the Nanowebs imo. I like the cheap Daddarios enough that the price savings justify using them in my eyes.
I haven't gotten along well with Ernie Balls. They seem okay, but just okay.
I tried some black coated DRs and they were the worst. Hated them. I've heard from a friend that he really likes DRs for his acoustic though.
The coloured tips are always useful on the D'addarios too when installing them. Simple but genius. Saves you breaking out the magnifying glass to see the thickness of the strings lol.
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Im a DR kind of guy....from their neon series to the dragon skin. I love them. lately ive been playing the dragon skin set in 9's more than anything.

I cant stand elixers they feel like playing plastic bags
ernie balls rust within a week and break
daddarios are ok at best for me

I want to try cleartones but nobody stocks them locally. plus I don't feel like buying them and paying for shipping to not like them.
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i use the colinisgoingtoclosethisthread type.

or DR blues.
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Dunno why, really like Ernie Ball slinkies. The orange pack, 9's. I tried Rotosounds and wasn't very impressed. Used to use cobalts but they were too expensive and weren't that great. Slinkies always seem to sound best mhm.
I find that Ernie Balls last well longer than a week. I play every day and gig roughly twice a month. I band the ever living sh!t out of my guitar and break at least one pick a show. I have one broke string to my name, the G, and I think it was more the nut than the string.

That being said, strings are like cables - there are great ones, and good ones, but just about any of them will do the job. Find one you like and just roll with it.
1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom (Black Beauty)
1980 Marshall JMP 2204