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I used to write and post on a semi regular basis for a short period a long time ago, but ended up having a stupidly long case of writer's block lyrically. Luckily I seem to have shifted that (I hope). So here's the first set of complete lyrics I've written in almost 4 years. I hope you guys enjoy!

Sunday Scars

You take the fairytale news for just what it is,
And place it next to the forgotten dreams and scent of showbiz,
This angel town's wrought with fraying strings in place of wings,
The mistake of slipping under and wishing hard for better things.

And we walk amongst the broken down backstreet girls,
They sing their siren song to love blind sailors with pearls,
Their wisdom deeper than the trouble that they're always in,
The weight of knowing but they still won't do a thing.

And we dance along Broadway, and it's alright
The empty broken promise that was left somewhere in the moonlight,
The end may change but the story's the same,
A pair of star cross'd lovers and the sound of the shotgun to blame

We got Sunday scars,
From Saturday's bars,
The razor blade mistakes and memories that cut too deep,
And the moment I look up to see that I'm
Drinking alone,
Drinking alone,
I'm drinking alone

A simple question that kickstarts the heart
Where are we headed,
And is this still a journey for two?
The Chinese ghost whispers in my head they say
'I'm not sure. Never was sure'

And we go night swimming,
And REM's spinning,
Does Michael even know that I remember every moment he sings,
In my dreams I'm on stormy seas and I'm
Drifting away,
Drifting away,
I'm drifting away
From the me in you.
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Musically it's actually quite uptempo and jangly

The showbiz line was actually the last line I finished. This town could be LA, New York, London... lots of people on the hunt for that break, hence showbiz having a scent. People get it in their noses like bloodhounds.
I'm not really a songwriter or a poet so I cant really analyze lyrics that deeply, but take my words for what they're worth.

I have to say tha very rarely have I seen even professional bands coming up with rhymes and word choices as good as this. I don't even mind lyrics that much usually, I wasn't even supposed to reply in this subforum but I have to say how much I liked your lyrics here. I guess it's not even my kind of style, I usually don't relate to subject matters like this but nevertheless you have a great song there. Writers block well lifted
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