Hi guys, I wouldn't call myself a punk or anything but im interested in the fast downstroke speed of punk songs. Blitzkreig Bop as an example im just throwing out there. I just want to be able to downstroke faster to add this to my arsenal as a guitar player. Im currently trying to learn the main riff to Reptilia by the Strokes (i know they're not a punk band but you guys get what im saying right?), and its all downstrokes at like 160 bpm! Any advice to improve speed? I know that practicing more helps, because im definitely able to play it faster than when i first started learning it from practicing for about 3 weeks. But, is there anything technical I should know to get faster downstrokes? (yea I realize how bad that sounds in text )

P.S. I find it interesting that people disregard a lot of punk bands like Ramones of having skill. A lot of these bands I think can really downstroke fast and I think its really hard to find that rhythm on guitar and surely isn't easy for any beginner hence the post. Anyways, what do you guys think?
Keep pick hand close to strings, use wrist action, and a dreaded metronome..........I agree, they make it look easy but it's not.
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Keep pick hand close to strings, use wrist action, and a dreaded metronome..........I agree, they make it look easy but it's not.

Thanks. I do use a metronome though on pretty much every guitar exercise I do. This song is still so hard to play regardless. Maybe im not ready for it yet.
I was thinking of having a crack at some Ramones songs myself, RocknRoll Highschool, Spiderman just because we rarely do fast songs like that in the band I'm with. I reckon I'd probably struggle myself.

Very fast alternate picking is my real aim....I give up pretty quick but you need to persist with it (so I'm told) and eventually it comes together. I've only been playing guitar about four years. Violin player normally. Same rules apply though. Start slow until perfected then speed it up and so on and so forth (yawn)
I play in a 70's-80's classic rock band and nothing gets a better response than when we play "I Wanna Be Sedated". Thankfully the song is very short because my hand and wrist get totally exhausted playing that song. How Johnny (and to a further extent Marky on drums) kept up that pace in concert amazes me. I use to see the Ramones at a club in New Jersey in the late 70's called The Show Place (also the club where Kirk Hammett made his 1st appearance with Metallica). I was always amazed by their energy. I agree that Johnny's playing is completely underrated probably because he didn't play solo's. A truly great band. I guess it's all in the wrist so good luck.

Two more songs with quick wrist action are Buddy Holly on "Peggy Sue" and John Lennon on "All My Loving". Go see a Beatles cover band and watch them struggle playing the rhythm on "All My Loving".
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