So these have recently caught my attention


Now I have several guitars that came stock with emg81's, and I was thinking about getting a Seymour Duncan blackout, as I heard the low crunch/pick attack was more prevalent (I like that idea, as I think it lets rhythms stand out more as apposed to drowning out once you get going). However I saw these and nobody seems to have really used them yet as they are new. My question is, does anyone know if these are active or passive? I don't know much in the way of comparing the outputs of pickups and what each thing means, although the apocalypse pickups state they are around 15k ohm while the EMG 81's say they are about 10K. I was thinking about trying these but if they aren't active I'll just go with the blackouts. Also, the apocalypse ones have split coil, does that mean I would have to modify my guitar to get the "pop up" knob to work (like I have on one of my schecters with an EMG 89 neck) or would I just need a new knob?

Yes, they're passive. Schecter doesn't make any active pickups (yet). Besides the active "diamond" pickups that they have put in a handful of entry level models over the years. But these pickups (the apocalypse) and their other new ones they've been touting the last year or so are VERY different from their "stock" (diamond) pickups that they put in the low end models. These are made in their USA shop in California, hand wound. Obviously, tone is subjective, but as far as build quality and materials go, these are NOT "stock" pickups. They are high-end boutique pickups, on par with anything you'll get from any other major company. Listen to some of the sound demos they've recorded with them, and see if you like.
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