I'm sort of confused on how to mix this (and I'm pretty new at mixing). The bass basically disappears on my monitors and headphones (which are a cheap pair of sennheiser 419s), but on my teacher's speakers the bass is extremely woofy. The snare sound I'm not 100% satisfied with. I'm using ezdrummer with reaper, and I want a more reverby snare sound, but I just can't get the sound I want out of the builtin reaper reverb and delay plugins. Do you guys have any suggestions on the technical front?

As for the music side .___. I just feel like I'm ripping riffs from my favorite bands and doing it poorly. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Hey there,

Thanks so much for checking out my track.

Molecular Disassembly is a well done track. I'm not sure what sound you were going for, but I hear a lot of riffs in here that I would associate with bands like Death or Obscura. I had no issue hearing the bassline from my monitors. As for the rest of the mix, the rest of the instrument voices were articulate and easily distinguishable from one another. I noticed you said you are using EZDrummer. Some of the drum patterns sound a bit robotic to me and I believe they would benefit from more velocity alternation. This may be a matter of taste though for the style of music. I also use Reaper, but I've generally had good experience with the built in suite of plugins so I don't really have any suggestions.

Here are some specific moments in the track which caught my attention:

0:00-0:33 The intro riff sounded a bit bland and dragged on a little bit, but the thrashy beat that follows it immediately afterward caught my focus again.

1:16 - 1:20 I think this could be drawn out a bit longer. The progression sounds awesome with the double kick and bassline backing.

2:20-2:40 The lead lines were a little atonal, but still pretty cool. The staccato drum rhythm behind it felt a little choppy and out of place.

3:00-3:14 I really dig this progression here!

Overall this was very enjoyable.

Hello there.

I couldnt say that I recognise any of the riffs so dont know if they are rip offs - I can say that I liked them quite a lot. I'm impressed by the musicianship - you have a lot skill. The clean tone for the intro is really cool and your distorted rhythm is fat and heavy without going over the top. I normally dont go for instrumentals so much, but this had quite a lot going on and kept me interested throughout. The part at 1:17ish remind of Mayhem (Grand Declaration.. era) which was cool

Mixwise, there is a little lack of low end but the I can hear the bass in the mid range area which sounds fine. The snare sounds very attack oriented but fits nicely in m opinion. Maybe if you want more reverb to it you could try sending it to a bus before the eq settings that pick out the attack - perhaps reverb on the lower, fatter part of the snare would have more effect. I have no idea if that would work well but it might be worth a shot.

The only real thing I would say didnt sound so good was the solo around 2:20 - the notation is cool but I think the tone feels really out of place, like part of a totally different track stuck into this one.

Anyway, very cool track overall.

C4C if you fancy it - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1677842

I hear the electric bass fine on my somewhat bass-y Sony headphones. I have mixed feelings on the guitar tone at 2:30; it sounds unique, though the tone is entirely different (like it's in a completely different environment/space/room/hall) than the other guitar tones. I don't recognize any riff rip-offs, but a lot of metal songs have a similar creepy vibe (not a bad thing). Guitar playing/riffs are good. Some good vocals wouldn't hurt. Can you isolate the snare on a different Reaper track & tinker with it by itself? Superior Drummer2 does give more options. Some of the EZX's have more snare room mic options too I think, than the basic EZDrummer1. Please review my music at this link:

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Hey guys, thanks for your feedback. I updated the link up top with a rerecorded solo. I think this sounds a little better, I was just really fixated on using the holdsworth patch before. I put some heavy reverb on the snare bottom track and was a lot more pleased with the way it sounded, thanks for that suggestion! I also brought the bass up a couple of dbs so hopefully the bass sounds a little stronger. If you guys could take the time to review the new mix I'd really appreciate it.
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The mix is not too bad. There's some great guitar playing here, both the rhythm and lead parts. Pretty awesome composition, fantastic use of polyrhythms. The mix probably needs more punch, but still it's not too bad at all.
I would say you should always mix with nearfield monitors, preferably using some sound treatment in the room such as absorption panel on the wall, ceiling etc. Good to check the mix with other speakers, even crappy ones, and headphones too, but the main mixing should be on good nearfields. Comparing your mix with appropriate reference material can be a great help too.
This piece displays strong performing and composing skills. I would suggest that you need more focus as an artist, to tame and focus your considerable skills into a more accessible package.
For something different, you can C4C here.
Hey man, thanks for the crit, here's what I reckon:

Nicely written track dude, I wasn't too sure on the intro clean chorus'd guitar but once everything kicked in it I was digging the riffs. The mix is pretty good as well, it just needs mastering to bring it up in volume a tad (I also like the presence of the bass, feels similar to the mix on JFAC's new album albeit lacking slightly in the lower end).

Like I said the track itself is well written, sort of a black metal influence to it at points which is cool (like 2:00ish to 2:10ish especially!). Solo section at 2:20 was definitely a welcome change and does well to divide the track up a bit, nice smooth legato as well. Drums match the song really well, just a shame they're done with EZ Drummer but needs must!

Neat track dude, just beef up the overall mix in the low end, some more volume overall and it'd be even better.

The solo sounds way better now - it fits much better into the track. I cant notice too much of a difference to the rest of the mix but I only listened to it 3 or 4 times the first time so it would be difficult to say. Maybe the bass is more present.

Anyway, sweet and getting sweeter I say.

Oi! Rky
Nice one! The track has logic and it works well with all its part
Some people just compose whatever they feel like in their tracks. Yours sounds like something anyone can hear not just fellow musicians and understand it
I have no problems hearing the bass and im glad cause the basslines are amazings and the guitar solo is quite tasty.
Mix wise the guitars could use a bit more of treble
Snare could use more EQ to give it a more punchy feeling. I feel weird about the bass it doesnt feel big enough