Anyone here tried using these? I'm planning to put sharkfin inlays on my Ibanez S320. FYI the S320 only has one fret inlay on the 12th fret so everything else looks clean.

Do they fall off at some point when playing? any cons from people who tried using one?
I would assume they will wear out eventually. Although, a few years back, I had some reproduction Decepticon logo stickers over my dots on a guitar and they held on pretty well. Didn't mess with the action very much, either.
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If stickers mess with your action they must weigh a ****inng ton or use extremely thick material.
No friggin way I'd put glue on the fretboard. Well maybe it'd be ok on a varnished board but otherwise it's noodle doodle world where vanity matters more than practicality.
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They work fine for a good while, but eventually they will need to be replaced. Unless they serve a functional purpose I would go with the plain board. Up to you, but I doubt they will look that great anyways, most the ones I've seen have been cheesey
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i am with cath. i wouldn't put them on a 'board. no way in hell.
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