I already post this in another bass forum that is really famous and I thought that I should also post it here, I also completed the list with the help of other members on that forum

Famous bassist strings and their gauges


Before anyone says "It's all in the fingers" or "You have to be____Himself" or "You have to have your own style". I'm just making this list to help anyone that needs reference, on what strings did their favourite bassist use , maybe they want to try it, and see if that works for them. Maybe If the strings works for their Idol/Hero, It might work for them as well. There are a lot of famous bassist, so I will try to update this list once In awhile, and I know some bassist use more than one type of strings, and I will try to update that aswell.

This list is fairly accurate, I take some of the Info from the web and TB as well, but I can't guarantee you that this is 100% accurate.

Feel free to add correction and Information of the bassist's Strings and Gauges.
Please use this format, If you can please give me the type of strings as well(Roundwound,Flatwound,etc)

Bassist name
Strings :
Gauges :

So I can copy and paste them directly.
Thank You.

Adam Clayton
Strings : DR Sunbeams
Gauges : Medium 45-65-85-105

Bob Glaub
Strings : La Bella 0760M
Gauges : 52-73-95-110

Cliff Burton
Strings : Rotosound Swing Bass 66(Roundwound)
Gauges : Extra Light .030 - .090

Donald Dunn
Strings: Labella 0760M
Gauges : 52-73-95-110

Duff McKagan
Strings: Rotosound Swing66
Gauge: 45-105 or 50-110 (for downtuning)

David Ellefson
Strings 1 : SIT DE-45105L(4 String)
Gauges 1 : Medium .045-.105
Strings 2 : SIT DE-545128L (5 String)
Gauges 2 : Medium .045 - .0128


Strings : GHS M3045F Flea Signature Bass Boomers(Roundwound)
Gauges : Medium .045 - .105

Geddy Lee
Strings : Rotosound Swing Bass 66
Gauges : Light .30 - .095

Graham Maby
Strings: Rotosound Trubass88
Gauge: 65-115

Herbie Flowers
Strings: Rotosound TruBass88
Gauge: 65-115


Jaco Pastorius
Strings : Rotosound Swing Bass 66(Roundwound)
Gauges : Medium 46-63-80-102

John Paul Jones
Strings 1 : Rotosound Swing Bass 66(Roundwound)
Gauges 1 : 46-63-80-102
Strings 2 : Electric Bass Nickel Plated Steel with NANOWEB Coating
Gauges 2 : Medium .045 - .105

John Enwistle
Strings : Rotosound Swing Bass 66(Roundwound)
Gauges : Medium 46-63-80-102

John Deacon
Strings : Rotosound 77 Jazz Bass Strings
Gauges : Light

James Jamerson
Strings : La Bella 760M James Jamerson
Gauges : .052-.073-.095-.110


Lee Sklar
Strings : GHS Super Steels
Gauges : 40-58-80-102 (4-string)

Larry Graham
Strings : GHS L3045 Bass Boomers
Gauges : 40-55-75-95

Les Claypool
Strings : Dean Markley Blue Steel Strings
Gauge : 45-100
Early Primus Gauge : E and A 80 D and G 40(Various Brands)

Marcus Miller
Strings 1 : DR Strings Marcus Miller MM-45 Fat Beams(Roundwound)
Strings 2 : Jim Dunlop Marcus Miller Super Bright Brass Strings
Gauges : Medium .045 - .105

Mark King
Strings: Rotosound Funkmaster
Gauge: 30-50-70-90
Strings 2: Status hex core steel double ball
Gauge: 30-50-70-90



Paul Mccartney
Strings 1 : Pyramid(Flatwound)
Strings 2 : Maxima 40(Flatwound)
Strings 3 : Thomastik JF344


Roger Glover
Strings : Ernie Ball(Flatwounds)
Gauges : -

Roger Waters
Strings: Rotosound Jazz77
Gauge: 45-105

Ron Blair
Strings : D'Addario Pro Steels
Gauges : Medium 45-65-85-105

Roger Manganelli
Strings : Ernie Ball Super Slinky Bass
Gauges : .045-.100

Steve Harris
Strings : Rotosound SH77 Steve Harris Signature(Flatwound)
Gauges : Heavy .050 - .0110

Strings : DR Nickel Lo-Riders
Gauges : Light 40-60-80-100

Stanley Clarke
Strings: -
Gauges: .035 - .090



Victor Wooten
Strings 1 : D'Addario EXL170 Nickel Wound Bass(Roundwound)
Gauges 1 : Light .045 - .0100
Strings 2 : D'Addario ETB92 Bass(Tapewound)
Gauges 2 : .50 - .105
Strings 3 : D'Addario Piccolo Bass(Nickel Wound)
Gauges 3 : .20 - .052




Zander Zon
Strings : 4-String Piccolo strings.
Gauge: .020 to .052.
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Bassist: Les Claypool

.080 guage E and A strings and .040 gauge D and G strings, roundwounds, various brands (Early Primus albums)

Dean Markley Blue Steel strings (.45-.100) as well
Zander Zon: 4-String Piccolo strings. Gauge: .020 to .052.
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