Hi all,
I own two strats, one is an MIA with a maple neck and all the standard hardware, wiring etc except for a Seymour Duncan mini-humbucker in the bridge. The other is a Highway one with a rosewood neck with Fender 57/62 pickups installed. I run .10's in the MIA and .12's in the HW1.
To my ears, the MIA has the more traditional strat sound (such as the 'quacky' sound of the middle/bridge position) but my HW1 just doesn't have the same traditional tonal characteristics. I am considering replacing the electronics in the HW1, will this make any improvements? Any other suggestions would be appreciated

This is the sort of tone I'm chasing. The HW1 just doesn't seem to have the same definition between different pickup combinations, or at least they aren't as well defined.
this day and age if we cough the wrong way it changes our sound. I love the guitar modification and parts industry for that.

so usually guys will run right to sprague and get orange drop capacitors the 0.022uf valued ones. With a rosewood fretboard you get a warmer or more darker sound so if bright is what you want you'd have to compensate. Steel strings for example help a bit and predominantly bright pickups, look on the tone charts for lots of treble but in the end just find a sound you like. Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio and lots of other pickup companies out there can cater towards the classic strat sound. Rose pickups which is a USA hand wound pickup company where some of their stuff is marketed towards guys who still think they need that 1950s sound.

if i was to own another strat which I've bought and sold more the last 10 years than I care to remember I would change everything but the fret size in the end, copper shield, re-wire , it would be just wood and paint left in the end. I can really get into detail about it but this is what the replies are for.