i like the vibe of this song, it's very sgt pepperish to me. 1:52 section the snare is a little harsh to my ears. i think the vocal levels aren't consistent enough. sometimes the solo vocals are a little low in the mix, and then the following double tracked vocal parts are too big sounding. i think the solo guitar could use a low pass filter at 10k or something, the solo licks have too much highs. the strings could use some more reverb on them so it's not quite as in-your-face. cool song!
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This was amazing. Hooked me from beginning to end. Love your stuff, dude.
I would agree with rky that the multi tracked parts of the vocals sound too loud in comparison to the solo parts. That said the harmonies and effect are very good.

This isnt really a style I would normally listen to but it definitely has a catchy element. The performance is top notch and there are some interesting elements going on. I like the use of the synth strings. I also liked the lead work - the tone and style worked really well.

I'm a big fan of wordplay. The alliteration here was very enjoyable. You have quite a voice. You seem like such a natural performer, arranger, and musician. Kudos for carving out your own niche so well. I would have liked to hear a bit more guitar leads here. This is pretty impressive for doing this all in a single take. The mix sounded excellent. The vocals were the definite focal point here, however the 'backing' was clear and present (it feels tacky to refer to it as a backing, as it was arranged very well and would probably even stand well on its own).

Here are some of the sections of this piece which caught my attention:

1:32 I really enjoyed the build-up here. This section of the song reminds me of Eleanor Rigby
2:18 I wish this would have continued. There was some really outside-of-the-box phrasing here. It felt like you had a lot of potential to release some monstrous riffs here but held back.
4:50 Sure enough, you can hit those high notes

Thanks for sharing this with us.

P.S. That PRS has an awesome finish! There aren't enough green guitars in the world.
jathon, just listened to Welcome on youtube.

You are a very versatile musician with a knack for a lot of things! I wish I could be as musical as you are. Listening to your music I can feel each note going thru your body, which is super cool! Loved the song, too!

A few comments on the production:

I think the structure of the song might be a bit over the head for the lay man (myself included). Popular artists do have songs spanning 6 or even 10 minutes but then they always have the benefit of the doubt with listeners because they are already famous and big, so people tend to think that it's just them who don't get the whole thing but with somebody who's yet to become famous this trick might not work at all.

You can discard the previous comment if you already have some kind of following or if you are making music for a strictly limited group of people.

Otherwise, it's just very ****ing good!!!! )
This is produced really well, I remember critiquing one of your songs before man, and as usual the wordplay is stellar.

This is a very intelligent and well thought out song. Those harmonies at 1:32 are excellent.

You also have this voice which at first annoyed me first, but then I grew to like it over the song, pretty strange lol.

The strings and extra synths you have going are tonally and textually brilliant, the odd dischordant stabs you include add an element of surprise and bring the listener out of the comfort zone, which is excellent.

The song also seems to progress and flow really well. This piece is strange but brilliant.

If you fancy C4C'n why not check out my song here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=33455361#post33455361
I have never heard anything like this before but I assume you're influenced by psychedelic music maybe? Your voice definitely gives out a distinctive original aspect in this song. The strings in here were definitely well put especially with that guitar solo mixed with some diminished stuff going on there. This definitely gives off a psychedelic happy/dark kind of theme. I can see this on a theme for anime for some reason.
Holy shit, damn you sing well.

Agree with previous posters. Multi tracked bits sound a bit over loud.

Tunes brilliant. I can almost imagine something like this in a Brit comedy musical, something along the lines of "My Fair Lady" brilliant work, no real criticisms.

I do think the main vocal line desperately needs a bit of light delay. If you already have one, I'd say raising the level is needed.

The guitar tone is a bit harsh, I'd expect that kind of tone on a thrash song. A little less gain and a little more mid range?
Hi man I always enjoy having a listen to your sound, its just so unique and refreshing! Anyway, this track Welcome has so much going for it, around the one minute mark where the deep sound of the bass is clearer it gives your song a great change up! I find that because there's always something new to listen to in your song it keeps me interested, because I find I can be listening to either, guitar, vocals, bass or keys on there own and then listen to the song again and always find something new that I didn't hear last time which is something you don't get from a lot of music and I think its those little things like that, that makes your music refreshing and appealing. And as always your lyrics are really clever, great chorus to this song too man!
Thanks for the kind words man, here's your crit:

Haha I see what you mean by a 'total change', this has a pretty whimsical and folky vibe the it, especially in the delivery of your vocals. It actually reminds me of a lot of the bands from the Canterbury scene, or 'Canterbury Sound' as it's sort of folk-come-prog that has a very honest delivery to it.

Production is really on point - some of the string parts sound really great as I can't tell what is synthesised or real! There's really quite an orchestral feel to it as the rhythm and delivery of the music seems to naturally flow between differing tempos which is really cool. The chorus definitely has a big Beatles feel on it too, nice work.

You're clearly a guy who has no bother expressing himself through music, regardless of how out there it is haha, I both commend and envy you for that!
I really like it, it reminds me of Yes, and The Beatles, it has a pop feeling with big influences from classic prog rock and symphonic rock. Really good, and you´ve undoubtably earned a subscriber on YouTube!!
Yeah this does sound like classic prog rock with awesome lyrical acrobatics, and I really enjoyed your little guitar solo's. I couldn't wait to see what you were going to say next, you have quite the command over language I can tell you're a man that loves his word salads. Thanks for critiquing my song so eloquently you have a great voice and good taste, my guitar is also green .
Thanks for the crit.

'Welcome' starts with overtones of English pop quirkiness, recalling the feel of See Emily Play era Floyd and maybe The Small Faces at times.
The lyrics are really interesting and had a lot of thought behind them.
The different parts of the song make it an adventure. I enjoyed when it starts to get rocking along. The guitar solo is great. The ending has the kind of fun element you wish you could join in on.
One of these days you'll put together an epic Sowing The Seeds Of Love type masterpiece and I look forward to it.
The new solo project, and spiritual philosophy... Album out now !
hybrid 6.0
Debut album 'Silent Destruction' out now
Read the Two Guys Metal review here
first question, why is your mic grooving to the music?

It really reminds of many different things, such as syd barrett era floyd, gentle giant, king crimson, os mutantes etc.

I like that it's got the psychedelic vibe but it's still easily approachable. Like it doesn't seem too self involved and technical for the sake of being technical.

The production is very nice. It's busy but it's still got that airy feel to it, no instrument is stepping on another's toes so there's a lot of space.

The actual melodies are clever and quirky. Like serious without taking itself too seriously

Voice reminds me of ian anderson when he was younger.

Good stuff!
Thanks for the extremely kind words on my track good sir!

Now for this song, def a SGT peppers vibe and the vocal delivery reminds me of monty python's Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. I like the change around 1:40 and the orchestral swells are pretty moving. The lead performance later is pretty dizzying in a good way, you can tell a lot of thought went into this, especially in the lyrics which come off like a story just as you wanted. The rhythm guitar is a bit to quiet and if it were turned up just a bit this could become an entirely different track. The ending is pretty sweet as well, you have a very nice voice sir and an excellent delivery. I wouldn't change change a thing about it and this belongs on Broadway. I honestly think so. Great job sir! I look forward to hearing more from you!


I love the psych influences you clearly show, I feel like psych music and associated culture can help develop ones musical tastes in so many different ways. Like this is clearly some 60's influenced psych and the song you reviewed by me more 70's. Live life to the fullest and keep up the good work!!!!
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Once again, I'm blown away by your creativity. You have a very unique style and a sound that is easily recognizable every time I hear one of your tunes. This, in my opinion is your best song to date. Vocals are good but I agree with the few that said the backing vocals are a little loud at times. Guitar work is nice and clean. Love your style man (although the skirts throw me off a little :p). Keep it up!

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Apologies for slightly late answer. I have been traveling the last couple of days and now I finally have the time to sit down and have listen to your song

But, what a wonderful song it is! Very creative and skillfully put together. Your style reminds me of a group called Caravan, with some Beatles and other psychedelic and progressive bands from the 60's and 70's mixed in. I absolutely love the music of those eras. Still, without a doubt you clearly have your own path and modern take on this kind of style. Not only the music is unique, but your style of clothing and art as ell, which makes the overall performance very enjoyable and whole as an experience. To be honest, there are elements in your performance (which is the best word to describe this) that I will take note and try to learn from. Especially when it comes to freedom, following your own style and confidence that I sense from you. I'm a kind of person who doubts his own skill and approach far, far too often.

I will, however, turn your own comment on my song back to you. Maybe you're being a bit too clever here from time to time. This is still overshadowed by all the warmness, positivity and great skill that you show in your performance.

Thank you for this. You made my day
Hi mate. Always happy to hear new songs from you- I often get your "Suffer Gently" song popping into my head!

This continues along similar lines and as usual I am a fan. Your production is fantastic. 1.40 onwards was great. Very uplifting. Your little blasts of guitar always make me smile. You are a good player and I sometimes want to see you go off on one but it almost has more power the way you use it sparsely. Your world seems an awesome place to be.

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