The dynamic swell in the intro is nice, but I think it could've been resolved in a better way. Just a thought, it was only a little bit anticlimatic. I usually complain a lot about bass tones, but even though the tone here is pretty muddy I feel like it really fits the track well. It's one of those instances where you need to feel the bass.

I'm going to be an annoying idiot here, sorry in advance. I feel like there isn't really much post-rock influence to this, it's pretty straightforward electronic music in my opinion save for a few small bits. I know that it's all subjective and I know that it's stupid to even make this argument. Just my thoughts.

But I enjoyed the song. It was maybe a bit too emotional for me, but I really enjoyed listening to it. Chill atmosphere, nice sounds, and I have no apparent gripes about the production. And it stuck to my head always a good sing. Thanks for sharing this
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