I have a guitar that I can find very little information on as far as value, build, specifications, etc. and was wondering if anyone here has one or has some information on them.

Company: Kent Guitars
Model: #481 (this is not a serial number)
Electronics: 2 volume and 2 tone, instead of a pickup selector it has kinda like a lightswitch for each pickup.
Bridge: Vibrato style, not sure on the technical term. It doesn't go down through like a Strat style trem bridge.

Other than that stuff there I know very little about it, I got it as payment for gas money. When I get home I'll post some pictures of it here. If anyone has some information on it, it'll help greatly.
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Kent was one of many japanese built cheapies from the 60 and early 70s. pics would help. if you know the model # already then finding info shouldn't be that tough (provided there is info).