She sits on a hillock of green
Dreaming about a dream of a dream
Of an apparition rotten with decay.

Amongst the daisies her heart
Falls into a rabbit hole and with
Her mind conjures up a wonderland of yesterdays.

Stick up for her anxiety and flay
The sins and regrets from her back-
Bone with a negro-crafted cat o' nine tails.

As she rolls down the hillock toward the oxbow
Lake and the stars twinkle a slow death
As just a little reminder of the serenity of yellow dales.

“Have you ever watched a meteor skar the scy?”
“I have seen forests glow in your nigger-eyes.”
“How can you see that much beauty in so much darkness?”

Her soft death ends abruptly at the foot
Of the slope and she empties her heart
Out in to the still eternity of her blackness.