I have various questions about possible wiring mods for my Epiphone G-400.

1) The independent volume mod simply consists of reversing the connections to the output and the centre lug on each volume pot, correct?

2) The independent volume mod means that having one volume all the way up and the other all the way down is equivalent to just having one pickup selected with the switch, correct?

3) That being the case, I could bypass my pickup switch (or make alternative use of it) and retain the ability to use pickups independently of each other as necessary, correct?

4) It would not be possible for me to use the pickup switch to switch pickups in and out of phase because it only has a single set of lugs, correct?

4.1) It's just occurred to me that Epi pickups are 1-wire, does this prevent me having a phase switch completely?

5) Assuming 3 is true, do 6-lug switches exist for Gibson-style switches, in the same vein as a push-pull pot?

6) My other option would be an actual push-pull pot; were I to wire this as a master volume in place of one of the tone pots, then wire the remaining tone as a master tone, am I right in thinking the effect would be equivalent to the "50s" way of wiring the tone pots?

7) To make a master tone pot, I'd just need to wire both volume pots to the same lug on the tone pot, right?

8) Since I'm fairly sure the latter is how Epiphone do it, is there any practical difference between wiring a capacitor between volume and tone pot and wiring it between the tone input (whichever one you ground, anyway) lug and the casing?

9) Could I use the 3-way as a strangle switch, as on a Jag? If so, would the middle position be the same as the "off" position (that is, where the switch allows current past the capacitor)?

10) To use the 3-way as a strangle, I would just need to connect both volumes to the central lug of the 3-way, and a suitable capacitor between that and the output lug (I suppose which side that is isn't important), right? Would the same kind of value capacitor as on a Jag be suitable here?

11) A 1-meg tone pot at halfway would be the same as a 500k pot, correct?

12) Would a greasebucket mod on a 1-meg pot with humbuckers need different value capacitors to the original Fender mod?

13) Would a master volume affect the sound when fully open?

For the record, I intend to start with 50s wiring and, if I can make that work, then I'll start worrying about the rest of these mods. I just want to see what's possible beforehand and approximately how it'd all work since, as much as it's about t0nez, this is about educating myself on guitar wiring.

P.S. I'm aware this could've gone in the wiring thread, but given the volume of questions I have I thought this just probably made more sense on its own.
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lets see what we can answer here as i got some time to kill before dinner cooks

1) - as far as I know you're correct, the hot leads the wiper so the ground is one side and the hots the other. I'm not too technical with it I just know it works haha..

2) - yes , you can use anything to switch pickups or turn them off, DPDT mini toggles , push pulls and even rotary knobs. George Lynch wiring for example just uses a push pull. The BC Rich Draco has just a push pull too.

3) - you could do a few things with the selector, depends on how practical they are. There is a youtube video a guy turned a strat pickup selector into a 3 or so stage varitone.

4) - yes phase reversal only happens in 2 wire pickups, i know gary moore and a few others like peter green (fleetwood mac) flipped the magnets over as this is super easy on P90s but not on humbuckers. The best you can do is half out of phase switches which would require a push pull.

5) - the only higher end 3 way toggle switch is the freeway switch it's 50-60$ american as it's made in England. It does everything you can imagine. Excellent customer support too.

6) - the 50s wiring can be added to anything, the magic is how the capacitor is soldered versus the modern way, you can add tone or remove tone knobs using push pulls for all sorts of other mods. The "no load" tone mod, the "delta" fender mod ..etc where you remove the capacitor from the circuit giving you this sound that is like taking a blanket off your guitars tone some guys will argue. (No load tone pots exist that do just this on fenders, but as a push pull alternative i dont see why not)

7) - it's easier to solder the hot lead from the selector before it hits the tip fo the input jack for various tone knobs. Seymour duncan diagrams do it that way.

8) - wiring a capacitor modern to traditional if the pots are audio taper the volume as you decrease it down with traditional 50s way you retain more highs. Les paul ro seymour duncan forums shedded a ton of light on this, the modern way everyone does you don't get this effect. Besides that no difference I can think of. The only reason I think currently modern took over was because some guitars like this PRS I had the volume is wayyy further than any capacitor leads I know will stretch. The 50s way seems to save you money on wire so if you can go fo it, but than again wires not expensive. I bought 100 feet for like 20$ (usd) with shipping.

9/10) - the middle position i know is always on in standard wiring but if you focus on the centeral lugs you may come up with something out of the box like gretsch does in some googled diagram. The 3/5 way blades super or not give you more options. The 3 way toggles like an on/on/on toggle. Compare the two wirings and see what you can do is ym best answer

11) - with linear pots 5 would be 500k so yes there as a tone pot that is 1m..However with audio taper the resistance is rolled down in a less predictable way. With tone pots though remember the resistance is really sensitivity. There is a chart I can google to visualize it.

12) - no, there would be no difference in values I've used, I've used this on 50s reissued telecasters, strats, super high gain pickups I prefer this on in fact as it's a big difference. predominantly treble pickups like the seymour duncan JB or the invader are great for this. Actives and vintage single coils I found this mod to be boring.

13) - the master sound affecting the sound of the guitar or what?

but yeah any other questions send me a private message, i remember replying to your other thread earlier earlier today.
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