Drums and bass were from a backing track. It's programmed imo. Thanks man i will check yours out when I'm at home!
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hey man, I like this! I didn't notice anything wrong with it really, but have some tips to make it better (in my opinion).

1) I think it can be tricky to try and mix the backing track with recorded guitars so maybe try going on BandHub.com and seeing if you could find people to play the other parts for you? I think it'd sound better, and help get your work to more viewers.
2) I think it'd be cool if you recorded video for it too. It's so easy to hear the guitar and accept it,but atleast for me personally, all of the intricacies of playing are so much more present when I see them. Good work though man!

When you get a second, could you check out my cover? It's a cover of Blank Space by I Prevail. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUtc3zZD54Y