I purchased this guitar directly from Ryan Morgan of Misery Signals. It's a 2005 ESP Horizon NT-II. I've wanted this model guitar for years, and Ryan has been my favourite guitarist for years, with Misery Signals being my favourite band for years. When this came up for sale, I absolutely had to buy it.

I own a 2006 black model LTD MH-1000, and wasn't expecting too much of a difference between them. I was wrong - the Horizon blows away the MH. The MH is an extremely good sounding guitar (Tom from Architects used the 2006 black MH-1000 for years and years), but the Horizon sounds clearer and all-round better. They also feel totally different to play, which is surprising.

Anyway, here are pictures. He was nice enough to throw me in some picks and also sign the truss rod cover. I'm incredibly happy right now - Ryan has been such an influence on my writing style, and to own his personal guitar is amazing.

Here is a video of him using it on stage and below are some pictures!

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Not sure if Zhaezzy's trolling or not.

Still, beautiful. I've always wanted an ESP Horizon model.
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Sweet score man. Love that finish
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nice man congrats, that's super dope
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Very nice!

I have an ESP also and I didn't think there was any appreciable difference between LTD 1000s (of which I've owned several and they're great guitars) and ESPs, until I owned one!
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Very nice!

I have an ESP also and I didn't think there was any appreciable difference between LTD 1000s (of which I've owned several and they're great guitars) and ESPs, until I owned one!

Definitely a big difference! The ESP actually feels like a work of art in my hands. Thats the only way to describe it.
RIP Tom Searle.
that's pretty awesome man. you'd never expect to end up owning a guitar from someone you're a huge fan of. that's awesome he signed the truss rod cover too! enjoy it!

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No idea who this guy is (or his band) but ESPs are always nice. Enjoy it!
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Right on! What beautiful axe HNGD
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