I want to buy a loop pedal but I don't know which one to buy can anyone help please??
I want an easy to use one (I just need it for home use and occasional pub gigs) with preferably 15 minutes of space to record songs on
My budget is about £300 but I'd prefer to spend £150-£200
Can anyone help me please?
Jamman work pretty well and will support a 3 button f/s for easy control. You can store backing tracks on it.
Actually, any and every looper comes with external memory that can hold literally days, perhaps even months of songs...your brain.

Any simple, dedicated looper will be fine. I have yet to come across a dedicated looper that didn't work as advertised. The Boss RC2/3 is a mess, it tries to do too much and is not fun to figure out, but the simple, no frills loopers like the EHX 360, Ditto, Boss RC1, etc, are all great, imo. If you want better, get one with 2 footswitches, makes looping quicker, easier, smoother.

IMO, it's more efficient to just get a delay pedal that has a looping function. The Line 6 DL4/DL8 and TC Flashback/X4, all have very good loopers. I'm using the DL4 right now, it has 2 switches for the looper, reverse, half-speed (thus double speed) and the best feature is it gradually fades older overdubs as you add more overdubs.

Obviously, do whatever the hell you want, this is just my opinion, hope it helps a lil.
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