edit: Just fixed it. For anyone having humming/weird high pitch hum/screeching sounds in the future try what I just did, unplug EVERYTHING in your home apart from the amp. I found a TV plugged in in the other room. I annoyed everyone by unplugging everything and the amp sounds okay now, no humming apart from a tiny amount that would be expected.

For some reason I was getting interference from a completely different room. A flat screen TV, an AV amp, powered sub and PS4. Not sure if that's normal?

Now that I've narrowed the problem down does anyone have a solution so I don't have to put the whole house in lockdown when I want to record something from an amp?
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Pretty common problem, especially if the outlets run on the same breaker, or poor grounding in the wiring of the house
Quote by Clbryant1981
Pretty common problem, especially if the outlets run on the same breaker, or poor grounding in the wiring of the house

Ah okay. I don't know why I never had this problem before? Is there any way to fix it or get around it at least?
There are current conditioners that can help. I have an ancient server-style UPS (weighs a ton, uses a small lead-acid car-type battery) that gives me almost perfect current no matter what I'm plugged into (including diesel generators powering back-of-a-flatbed outdoor performances) for source current. You probably have a serious wiring glitch in your home, but short of getting it properly redone, you should try out some of the power conditioners (no, a power strip is NOT a power conditioner) on the market.
Hey, thanks for the reply but it turns out it was the cable. I got quite an expensive lead and any guitar with a humbucker is perfectly silent. The leads I was using were the cheapest I could find on ebay and were needlessly long for my purpose. But I can finally get to recording without that horrid sound.

The thing that puzzled me was that I used to record in here without any issues with a really cheap guitar and amp. I've upgraded all my equipment slowly over the years, went to record and it was a horror show. I started buying cheap leads because of all the articles, shows and youtube videos saying that there's no difference between a $100 cable and a $1 one. Apparently there IS a difference between a $6 cable and a $25 one though. Maybe there's something in here that the cable needs shielding from? And the cheaper one wasn't doing it? I dunno, but it's fixed the issue. I'm pretty damn happy and relieved, I thought I'd somehow accidentally bought a broken Fender Jag and Epiphone one after the other because the noise was with both guitars but a little different. So it's great to finally have a good recording sound that isn't out of control.

So if anyone has a similar, out of control screeching/hum problem try a new, higher quality lead.

Thanks for the replies!
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