So I was at my local music shop and saw this guitar (Sigma DR-1ST) on the used rack. After a quick Google search, I learned that Sigma is the low end model of Martin. I messed around with the guitar for about an hour both unplugged and plugged into an acoustic amp. Long story short, I bought the guitar and a Luna Acoustic 15c amp for it totaling $340 (amp new was $100). The owner also threw in a hard case and cable.

Two and a half months later, I am happy with the purchase. It needed new strings and bridge pins but despite the obvious abuse it received in the past, there are no problems with the play-ability. I've only been playing guitar for about 9 months and while I am aware of Martin's reputations, I'm wondering what people think of the Sigma brand and this specific model.

Don't know about that particular model, I've played several Sigma guitars and owned one for a couple of years, always liked them pretty well. The one I owned turned out to be a mistake, I bought it without trying it out long enough, the neck was a little too fat and made my left wrist really sore after an hour or so. Otherwise it was a nice guitar, everybody else liked it really well. Well built, sounded very good, played good except for the fat neck.

The first one I ever played belonged to a friend, one of the earliest Sigma electric acoustic models, I loved it. Great guitar. Much more affordable than a Martin, his sounded great and was a treat to play, was just as well built as mine.

I've tried out several others at music stores and pawn shops, always liked them but don't know a thing about their newer models, I haven't looked around much at acoustics for several years.

If that's one of the older ones though, it should be a pretty good guitar.
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