I've been singing for about two years, not trying to be amazing by any means. Just good enough to get my music across to people. Think Bob Dylan only a notch better. My band has played a couple of shows but I have only received feedback from family and friends, so they aren't always "completely" honest. I know my guitar playing is great ( played for 9 years ), I would like to know where my voice is at and what I could work on? The link is posted above.

Thanks for your feedback,
It's hard to tell from a clip where you're multitasking, really.

Most people's voices tend to get a little thinner/less defined when they're playing guitar at the same time, and that seems to be the case for you too (unless you're just camera-shy/uncomfortable)?
Not bad for 2 years of singing, your tone sounds like it's on the right track. Here's my honest feedback;

You're pitchy, and not nailing those notes (you're flat) either because of lack of confidence or lack of vocal muscle memory. You sound like you're on the edge of your range for that style at some points due to this as well. So the key here is to practice that upper part of that registry and become comfortable with it.

-Maridia- was right about the vocal tone and multitasking. I suggest that you record yourself singing without the guitar and compare. This will also help you isolate problems on your own. Playing with the guitar will help you hear if you are in tune or not, but you're going to want to eventually try to hear yourself and recognize that you are out of tune based on your memory of how it should sound. This is why doing some practice with vocals alone is important.

I would need more to go off of to help you, and seeing as this post is a month old I don't know how much you are looking. I do hope that getting honest feedback helps though, keep it up man!