Hi everyone,

This next week i'm going to buy the G1xon G1xon specs multi fx pedal that has a built-in looper. I want to loop my guitar but I'm wondering how its gonna be if I connect a shure SM58 to this pedal to loop it as well.

My idea is to plug my guitar and mic to a 2ways switch pedal that I already have and change the input whenever I want. I know that mixing a mic and a guitar to the same amp maybe isn't the best idea...

The pedal goes to a Fender Champion 20W and other times to a Blackstar fly 3 (for traveling and playing in hotel rooms).

Do you think it's gonna sound decent? I mean, i'm not looking for a good sound, it's only for practice purposes.
You might have some big level differences but it's doable. A guitar amp isn't the best option for a mic. My Fender Pro Jr was muddy as crap trying to play any vocals/drums though the amp (backing tracks in a looper). A multifx guitar amp with a CD/Aux in (like a MicroCube) works really well because the speaker is much more full range. I would take my MicroCube out on my boat and play music from my phone on it until I bought a bluetooth speaker. It worked really well.
Yeah, I got a G1Xon, and you'll probably need a pre-amp to get the level right (and will also be handy for going from XLR to unbalanced 1/4"). I'd try it out for you, but I'm separated by a long distance from my mics and mixers for a long time.

Heads up--the looper (like most MFX loopers) has limited utility. You might want to get a dedicated looper if you're going to use it live. Otherwise the G1Xon is like a compromise between a Zoom MS-50 and a G3X. More like an MS-50 with an expression pedal, up/down patch switching pedals, and looper/drum machine, but missing the 3 on-the-fly parameter adjusters that all the other recent Zoom MFXs have. It's great for travel since it has a headphones out (unlike the MS series), but don't expect all the other features of the MS or G series pedals. You might be much better off with a G3 or even a G5. I use a G5 at home, and use an MS-50 to augment various Digitech MXF for gigs (or by itself for open mics).
Thanks guys for the answers.

Yeah you're right about the level and mixing (I have already a XLR to 1/4 cable). I was thinking about making a configuration in the pedal for leveling, compress and eq the mic using the compresors and eq that the pedal has. Do you think I can save the sound of the mic playing with the pedal configurations?

I won't use it for gigs, I want that pedal to try new things and experiment with the loopers and fx without expending a lot of money.

I connected my mic directly to the amp (the 3W amp) and it sounded ok, a little muddy but not that bad. With a guitar at the same, the experience gets drastically worse if I put too much tone and volume to the guitar (to the point that you can't hear the mic signal at all). But I don't care about it because most of the time I will use them separately (one for looping acapella things, and the other for doing guitar stuff).
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Thanks guys for the answers.

Do you think I can save the sound of the mic playing with the pedal configurations?

You could make a patch for the mic and save it. Or many mic patches--your call.

Sounds like a cheap, fun experiment, and you can always get a cheap mixer with a mic pre-amp if you need to boost the mic signal.

Have fun.
Ok, finally I have the G1on and for the price it's amazing, I didn't expect all the things it has for its price. Now I go to the point of the thread, that its connecting a mic to it for looping stuff and maybe apply fx to it.

Connecting only the mic to the amp is pretty good, for a voice looped backing track it works fine, no noises, nice volume, maybe the weak point is the muddiness but its ok.

But here comes the problem, and I know that this was going to happen. I connected my guitar and microphone with an adaptador of 2 jacks in to 1 jack out and the volume tends to go very low on both instruments signal and they tend to cancel eachother very easily.

I tried to balance the gain, the eq and the compression of the mixed sound and it sounds better, they don't cancel eachother like before, but the muddiness and low volume I think it's impossible to solve if I don't buy a mixer.

So I think that I have to buy a cheap mixer for getting a decent mixed sound...

Thanks guys for your help, I will reply when I've got the mixer.
Now I discovered one way to loop vocals and guitars at the same time and level all the sounds pretty well.

I've discovered if I connect the guitar and the microphone at the same time, all the signal lose its volume and I can't get nothing decent from this. But if I connect the guitar first with a configuration and then I disconnect the guitar and connect the mic with another configuration for leveling the sound (like a mixer does but in a very rudimental and bad way), I get a good balanced sound, all the sounds are in more or less in equilibrium.

So, I think that I'm going to make an A/B switch or buy a cheap one and try this system. I know that in the end i'm going to buy the mixer, because it's the safest and decent way to do this.