I can help you with some solos, but chords i,m not that great with, do love peter green though excellent guitarist. have you any of the song done?
Your help would be very appreciated. Someone is helping me with the chords, but they wont do TAB so its hard for me without seeing it written down.

So far this is what he has said:

" I had another listen to the track first of all when I heard the track I didn't think it sounded like Peter Green but of course it is so listen to the opening chords and the sound is odd as you know ! I thought it had a harmonizer on the acoustic guitar but I could hear an odd sound and I recall you saying whatever chord you played it didn't sound right !
Anyway I had a good listen and recognized various things in the guitar playing there was a bit of Mark Knopfler along with Chris Rea and as I had played some of their songs realized how the sound is achieved ! Now the track is definitely in the Key of Abm and playing in this key requires chord inversions so I though of two options the first one is they detuned the guitars a semi tone flat then did the vocals but from what I can hear I think they recorded the track in the key of Am then detuned it by a semitone to Abm ! They then could have added the vocals which we will never know but as I said I didn't think it sounded like Peter Green so what I did was change the track from Abm to Am and everything sounds better and It now sounds definitely like Peter Green to me.
Now I could be completely wrong about this but it's worth a listen and considering because I find the first two chords which are just F to C sound right and once you transcribe the song into Am it falls into place. So I would suggest learning the song in Am if you prefer the song in Abm then all you need to do is detune by a semitone."

Any TABS you can help me with, even if its just the solo pieces would be very helpful and i would be extremely grateful!

so are you wanting help with your chords and tab or you wanting someone to do a tab for you?

man after listening all the way through the solos sounds hard.
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