Ok fellow 6505+ players, I bought one a few months ago and it does great for what I need in my band. But I'm having some trouble punching through the mix on lead sections. I'm looking for a pedal that will tighten up my tone in general and help me stand out on solos. Something that won't color my tone too much, if at all, because I like what my amp is sounding like. I'm playing an LTD EC-1000 with Seymour Duncan blackouts in to a Boss EQ into a Boss DD7 into a Boss Noise Suppressor in to the 6505+ through a Mesa Recto Oversized 4x12....so what do you guys think.
Pretty much any Tubescreamer or Tubescreamer clone on planet Earth.
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Are you running your EQ in the loop? Because it won't be doing as much in front of the amp, not by a long shot. I would put a bump on the 2khz region and run it in the effects loop; that will help get a more biting tone and cut through better.

As for ODs for a 6505+, a lot of people will say a Tubescreamer. I disagree. I like my MXR M77 a lot better than my TS-9. It provides control over bass as well as treble, and also has a lows/mids boost switch for a slightly different eq structure. With the extra adjustability, I can account for an overly-bright guitar or an overly dark guitar, which is a huge plus. FWIW one of the guitars I use most often has SD Blackouts as well.

But what I like most about the M77 is that it doesn't "thin" the distortion as much as my TS-9 -- it sounds a little thicker and richer in harmonic detail. These aren't huge differences, mind you, but I definitely prefer the M77. Some people would probably prefer the smoother, slightly tighter sound of the TS-9.

You're going to get as many different responses to this post as there are people who post though...
Pretty much any Tubescreamer or Tubescreamer clone on planet Earth.
I had bunch of 5150s in the studio while tracking with a few bands and we tried quite a few choices and pretty much the original TS we had sounded best, but I'd imagine any clone will do. I'd probably go with Sparkle Drive at this stage as I think it sounds quieter and is better build than the TS pedals, and also has a trick up its sleeve which is the clean boost option which can add more grind so you use less distortion on the overdrive and cook the input channel with higher signal instead, which you can blend to taste. It is a TS clone so it does thin out the bass a touch but not as bad as the TS.

If you want to keep the bass the way it is - try Budda Zenman, it has a "modern" option which keeps the bass or "vintage" which mimics TS operation with a few extra tweaks that are not present on the TS.
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TS is an option, I like the pro tone bulb as well, but I recently got a tom quayle wampler and was surprised at the tones i could get out of it having the paisely on one side and the euphoria on the other. As far as cutting through a mix, I feel that the TQ wampler offers great boost for solos with either a high mid cut or a more scooped cut, as well as a mix between the 2 if you would like, check it out.
Overdrive is definitely the obvious solution. You can get a very decent TS9 clone for minimal cost, so I'd suggest at least trying it (my Joyo Vintage Overdrive was only £20 and I'm happy with it).
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I've got an Ibanez TS-9 Turbo in front of my 6505+ combo. It has different modes with for different textures of overdrive. I usually put it on the plus setting and it thickens the tone just enough. I also use the boss eq to make the signal cut through, and that usually does the job as well.
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As previously mentioned, there's no right answer and everyone will give you a different idea. Personally I like the MXR Zakk Wylde Overdrive in front of mine but also have decent results with a homebuilt Klon Centaur "Klone".

The "Klone" is more of a sharp aggressive sound and gives a significant boost, the volume at about 9o'clock is almost unity and anything above that is a huge boost.

The Zakk is more of a traditional overdrive or distortion in that it can give a subtle boost or "tightening" of the sound with the volume up and the gain down or give a really thick and saturated tone with the gain up.

Tubescreamers and clones are the "safe" bet and are readily available. Klon type pedals are also pretty easily found, either in kit form or ready built but I don't know how similar they are to the real thing or to each other (my own included).

Good luck with the search and don't be discouraged, the options are overwhelming but the right pedal for you is out there somewhere