I'll type as I listen.

The first track has a nice and powerful intro. However I can't hear the bass at all even if the production is nice otherwise. The track stays a bit monotonous thorough the first minute, I feel like there's just a bit too much repeats. I like the mood swing at 1:30, the heavier, lower riff is a nice change and adds it's own dynamics. As a whole the song still stays monotonous, I feel like the individual parts are repeated too much. The guitar solo starts out okay, but I have to say that it's not that special. Sounds pretty basic. The buildup that comes after is pretty nice but I still do feel like it's repeated too much. Overall, the first track was pretty simple but you had nice ideas.

The second track starts off nice, the intro line is pretty nice. I think that it sounds pretty similar to the first track though. The tremolo picked part is good, I like the melody. The heavier riff that comes after has some great ideas, I love the tremolo picked buildup at the end of the riff. It's a very nice riff. The guitar solo is a lot better in this song, it has more energy and nice harmonies. The dark riff that comes after sounds pretty sweet, I like the feel. I like this song more than the first.

The third song starts with some nice energy. It brings a bit of dynamics to the EP as I feel like it doesn't sound that much like the first songs. There are some nice riffs in this song, it sounds a bit more inspired than the first two. It also has some nice and powerful melodies. The break at 10:30 is sweet and brings more dynamics to the track. The riff after that again repeats too much in my opinion and starts to get stale. Lead work in this song is nice, it sounds better than the first track but isn't as versatile as the second in my opinion.

The fourth song starts off with a great part. I love the darker and smoother feel. When the distortion kicks in the track gets really powerful, I'm really digging it so far. The other riffs in the song are not bad either, I don't like the guitar solo that much, it's a bit uninspired but turns better the further it goes. Out of the tracks so far I enjoy the feel in this the most. The cleaner, darker parts are great.

I kind of skated through the rest of the album as I started to lose interest. I think that the EP got more dynamic the further it went on, and there were great ideas everywhere. Now, I by no means mean to insult you in any way, but I feel like you still have ways to go as a songwriter. Your style is very repetitive and some of your leadwork actually feels dated. You had great ideas in each song, but there wasn't a single track that I felt was a great as a whole. It's however a solid first effort, but at this state I wouldn't listen to it. I feel like you're still a bit inexperienced, but you're off to a great start, with a little tweaking you could make an amazing EP out of these tracks.
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Hey thanks for listening ! I think it's always nice to have some critics too don't worry.

I didn't record any bass throughout the EP, I don't have any and I didn't want to bother with it anyway, when I listened to the songs I thought "Yeah it seems nice enough, I don't need a bass for the time beeing".

I guess some parts are a bit monotonous, I tried not to do this too much but since it's all instrumental I had some hard times, but I guess for a first it's not that bad.

I'll take everything you said in consideration for my next tracks !
And it's good you liked the feel of some songs , I guess I wanted people to like the feel of the songs.

Thanks for listening anyway !