Good morning. I am making some changes to my old guitar and pup change is one, but I have a question which may be stupid. My crap guitar is a Washburn, Mercury series, nothing special... its an HSS config.

I wanted to have the H be a metal pup like a Seymour Duncan Invader or Dimarzio X2N (kinda liking the blade look)... I havent really looked at single coils yet for the other 2, but the middle a blues pup (similar to the the metal) and the neck be just a regular pup... Could I put bridge pickups in all the slots (i know its physically possible) and why would I not want to do that?

I play mostly hard rock/metal, but also like blues and some clean playing/acoustic also. THen depending on what I am playing, I could just switch pups with the 5 way and have the desired pup. Stupid??