Now that i could post to Electric Guitar section can any one help me figure out what model my guitar is.

Here is the original post i made and i will also add the link to the pics of the guitar on this post as well.

Original post

Guitar pics
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Either some odd ESP or a Custom ESP/Kramer hybrid

Do we know what wood the body is? It looks like a hacked up Kramer Stiker 100ST/Focus 1000/Baretta body (monkey grip sawed in and contoured, plus a recessed rout), and then repainted blurpleburst, or maybe just purple added over an already blue body. It's definatley a Kramer shaped body, Kramers typically have the longer waist on the bass side like that one has.

I'm pretty sure the paint is a refinish, there's a lot of black and green poking out from behind the paint job where the back cavity cover is.

Neck looks like it's from an ESP. EMG humbucker in the bridge, licensed Floyd. I'm pretty sure it's a parts mutt of a Kramer and an ESP.

The neck plate looks like the one off my Kramer Focus 3000, so it's safe to say it's a ESP Made Kramer Focus 1000 with a highly modified body (recessed trem cover route, monkey grip, recessed neck joint, and that smoothed out upper fret access cutaway on the treble side horn), and then an ESP neck attached to it.

If it were a stock Focus 1000, it would have no monkey grip, no neck recesses of any sort (back or front), a Schaller humbucker, 1 volume knob, no tone pot, and a German Original Floyd Rose.

If it were to be ESP branded, it would not be using the Kramer body shape. ESP made bodies and necks for Kramer and made the Focus series but I'm very doubtful they would make this combination of parts. Also, the ESP neck looks more like something you'd see on a Kirk Hammett model, which would be a much later neck (think 90's onward). And I've seen an ESP Superstrat before, they don't use the Kramer elongated bass side Waist the Kramers do.
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