I've decided to get a Vypyr VIP, for use in my bedroom, but I'm not sure which model to get. Unfortunately, I'm not able to try any Vypyrs locally, and I haven't been able to find any useful comparisons of the VIP 1, 2 and 3 on forums. I'm not looking for volume, but the best sound at bedroom practice volumes.

Some of the additional effects of the VIP 2 and 3 would be nice, but not necessarily worth the extra money to me, compared to the cheaper VIP 1. The 20W VIP 1 should be more than loud enough, but I imagine the 40W VIP 2 sounds better, due to the 12" cone (VIP 1 is 8"). The 100W VIP 3 would be overkill, but I don't know how it sounds when you lower the variable power output...cranked up at 5W might sound better than the VIP 1 at the same volume (db, not dial position), or it might sound far worse.

Has anyone got experience of more than one amp in this series, to directly compare the tone / sound quality?

This is to replace my Marshall MG15CD, because it has awful gain and really isn't very versatile. I also have a 100W JCM900 2x12 combo, which goes plenty loud, but isn't exactly ideal for practice (actually sounds good at very low volumes, but needs to be cranked with a tube-screamer for metal tones).

It's possibly worth mentioning that I predominantly play metal (anything from Iron Maiden to Carcass), using Ibanez S2120SE and XPT700 guitars.

I have not played the VIPs so I really can't answer your question specifically but I do own a Vypyr Tube 60 and I highly recommend it if you can find one used. They are also supposed to be coming out with a VIP 100 tube head or something like that.

See if you can track down a user here called Offworld92. He has lots of experience with the Vypyrs including the VIPs.
The VIP 2 has a higher wattage, so I'd imagine it would sound better at a higher volume. If you aren't worried about that I'd just say save yourself some money and get the VIP 1. Other than that I don't think it's that much different other than a few extra effects.

I've only used the VIP 1 though so my opinion isn't very helpful.
Quote by MeTallIcA313

I've only used the VIP 1 though so my opinion isn't very helpful.

Happy with it then?

According to most forums, VIPs are better than Spyders and Cubes, for metal.
The VIP-2 is probably a good compromise. I owned the VIP-3 and I only used it in my bedroom. In my experience, the Vypyrs wattage gives you more potential and options, but it doesn't have any sort of inhibiting effect at low volumes. They all perform amazingly at low volumes, even down to whisper. You just have to learn how to work the master and post gain volumes in conjunction.

Like the original Vypyrs, the power soak/attenuator/whatever feature is a useless gimmick, it barely does anything noticeable. I would not put it on a list of considerable features.

As usual my stance on speakers is 12" or bust. Even if for the simple fact that if you ever want to experiment with different speakers in the amp, 12" is the standard for guitar amps. The market for smaller speakers is tiny and not really worth bothering with IMO.

If money isn't a huge issue I'd get the VIP-3. It's easier to work with because of the display. I thought it was a really nice upgrade, I don't like the lack of it on older Vypyrs and the smaller VIPs. It's also nice that you get all of the FX, and aren't limited. They sound great too, IMO. I still think it's a real shame there isn't a Vypyr FX MFX/rackmount. I have some really nice standalone pedals and Line 6 M9 & HD500X, and I still miss some of the FX the Vypyr has, specifically just the way they are dialed in just clicked with me.

But I'm on a tangent and I'm not sure how helpful this will be to you, haha. If you have any other specific questions, feel free to ask, I can give better answers and information that way.

credentials: owned Vypyr 15, Vypyr 75, Vypyr Tube 120H & Vypyr VIP-3, as well as the Sanpera 2.
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Quote by ben_fairweather
Happy with it then?

According to most forums, VIPs are better than Spyders and Cubes, for metal.

Yea it's a pretty good pratice amp for what it's worth, I play metal out of it too. I don't use any of the built in distortions anymore though, since distortion pedals typically sound a lot better.
I've just ordered a VIP 2. Only cost £30 more than the lowest price I could find for the VIP 1, so it seemed worth it for the 12" speaker and extra effects. VIP 3 was another £100ish again.

Thanks for all the replies!
honestly I'm lazy the moment didn't read it, but I always recommend getting a combo with at least one 12".