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I bought an mfz1 clone locally, and it was good, but when I turned it on there was an extreme amount of hiss. I returned it to the guy and bought a Chuleta from Toyroom fx. It sounds great, but there is still the hiss issue. Since it is the same, I don't have its the pedal causing it. But I'm not sure what it is. I dont have a problem at my other pedals, but the only other od I have is a ts9. I dont know if it could be something with my amp (classic 30) but I dont know. If you have any suggestions, please shoot.
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how are you powering it?

are you using your prs in your sig (humbuckers i assume)?
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A power supply issue is the first thing that jumps to my mind. Did you use the same PS with both pedals? If so, try it on one of your other pedals and see what happens.
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It is humbuckers, and im using the joyo power supply 2. However, I also tried it with an adaptor and it did the same thing
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Maybe try some batteries? It could be a long shot, but your local electricity could just be "dirty"/noisy too.

Bring your power supply and fuzz to your local store, and try out different power supplies, and see if its possibly your home electricity that mucking with your fuzz.
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Sounds like it could be your electricity if it's happened with more than one pedal.

Normally i'd blame the Joyo supply, but since it's done it with multiple power supplies it's probably something a bit more complex.
If it is the electricity, would something like the voodoo labs pp2 filter it out?
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Quote by George Juggles
If it is the electricity, would something like the voodoo labs pp2 filter it out?

It might.

I don't know what kind of budget you have but I would suggest a power conditioner/surge protector first.
And get the PP2+ as well when you can afford it.
The power where I live is really nasty and dirty, and I don't plug any of my stuff straight into an outlet. And when I say dirty power, its dirty everywhere in this area. Brown out, random power surges and all sorts of crap, some of which could wreak havoc or even damage my gear.
Heres a list of some power conditioners: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Power-Conditioners-Power-Supplies--Conditioners--Cords.gc
Furman is pretty much the industry standard in power conditioners.

I use the following items and my pedals and amp(s) all plug into this setup...
(Clicking on the pictures will take you to the Guitar Center listing to give you an idea of the prices).

Myself I have this (Plugs into the wall outlet):

And this here plugs into that up there:
Normally I don't recommend or buy ANY Monster products because they are a bunch of litigious assholes. They like to sue anyone that uses the word Monster in their business name. Hell, they tried to sue Disney for the movie "Monsters Inc." becsuse it had the wod "Monster" in the movie title.
My amp and he Voodoo Labs PP2+ plug into this:

Going into this:

I have run up to 16 pedals with this setup and its dead quiet.
Plus my amp going into the second one I listed.

And that's nearly $400 just to make sure I get clean and steady power.
But I would rather spend that $400 than fuck up a $900 amp head (Vox AC30CCH) and around $3000 worth of pedals.
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Wow, thanks. I dont have enough money for all that right now, but ill pick up a surge protector.
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