I just got a glimpse of the Roland GR-55 and have been blown away by its capabilities and sounds. Me being a traditional guitar player and having a traditional setup, I have questions regarding its setup. I know you have to have the mounting pickup on your guitar which connects to the GR-55 with a midi cable and a normal one. Now after connecting both where does the rest go?? Do you hook it up to an amp like usual?? How many cables in total would one need? Thanks in advance.
^ all of your questions depend on your application. If you get the GR-55 with the GK-3, you'd only NEED one instrument cable to connect it to an amplifier or P.A. or whatever else. The 'regular' cable connects to the mounting with the GK-3, but doesn't go to your GR-55. The only connection to your GR-55 is the MIDI cable from the mounting (the GR-55 doesn't have an instrument jack input apart from the FX Loop Return). However, the connectivity possibilities are quite robust. Read the user manual on Roland's website, it is quite extensive and in - depth.
The above post is in terms of 'YMMV' and 'IMO', etc...

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I'm not sure if interpreted 2Crosser's post correctly but the signal from your pickups is fed with a short cable to the GK3 on your guitar and does in fact go to the GR-55. It can be output from the GR-55 and sent to a pedalboard if desired. The 13pin cable is not MIDI. It is an analog signal path for each string and the analog signal from your standard pickups.

You only need the single 13 pin cable from the guitar and you run a single cable from the GR-55 to the amp. Or you can send the pickup signal out from a separate GR-55 output to another set of FX and feed multiple signal paths to amps. How the signals get split or combined is programmable in the GR-55.
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