I'm trying to record some indie/rock songs. I have a $150 mic and an audio interface. For past few months I've been plugging my mic into my guitar amp and connect guitar amp to my audio interface. Do people usually plug mics into interface directly or do they buy a vocal amp for that purpose? Thanks guys
The mic should be plugged into the interface directly.
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What mic and what interface are you using? Usually you connect the mic to the interface using an XLR cable but if your interface doesn't have an XLR input, you'll need either a mic preamp or an interface with one built in. Plugging a mic into a guitar amp is just going to sound bad. Unless of course that's what you're going for.
Yup, putting that through an amp isn't achieving anything except adding another layer through which your signal has to pass (where it can get messed up).

In my early gigging days I sang through a guitar amp because I couldn't afford a PA system - It sounded atrocious!
And remember to use a Pop Killer.

It's cheap and a 'must have' when recording vocals.