So I'm looking to purchase a new guitar soon and I'm on a budget because of my recent amp purchase (Fender Mustang III). I'm a big fan of the Foo Fighters and play a lot of their music so I'm looking into buying a Squier Vintage Modified Tele Deluxe. I currently own a Epiphone Es-335 Pro. The problem is that Foo isn't all I play, I'm getting into the more ambient Indie Alternative music now too. So I've gravitated towards buying a Squier Classic Vibe Tele and beefing up the tone for when I play Foo with an OD or preamp boost. What is your opinion? Am I looking at the right guitars? Are there any others under about $400-500 that I should consider? I like to play nice warm clean licks with a lot of wet reverb with some sparkle to it but also want to be able to get gritty and get a nice fat Foo tone as well! Can one guitar accomplish this?
For the Foo's tone your probably going to want some sort of humbucker in the bridge.

I have a telecaster copy and put a stacked humbucker (lil 59) in the bridge. It means I can play most styles by switching between the neck SC and bridge HB.

Best of luck!