Sorry if this is a daft question ... I'm new to guitar

I'm practicing the pentatonic scales in sequences of 4s (shape 1 I think) and there are many times when I need to play a note using the same finger in succession on the same fret (eg 4th finger on D string 3rd fret, followed immediately by 4th finger on A string 3rd fret). Im just wondering how I should do this.... should I lift my finger off the string and jump to the next string, or try to roll my finger over to that next string. Lifting my finger and moving seems easier, but in the long run it also looks like it will be slower....

Any tips?

It depends on the situation.

Jumping strings makes it a bit slower and requires more movement, but in the long run strains your hand a lot less than holding all of the strings down. It also lets you slide notes and change shapes with lot more freedom, not even mentioning bending and vibrato. You can try to play an A minor pentatonic and pause at the D note with a vibrato while barring the fifth fret. Not happening.

But barring is, as you said, faster. If I'd be doimg a fast pull of lick, like a bluesgrass run, I'd probably bar the string. Muting the strings is a bit harder this way though.

If you ask me, jumping the finger is a lot more useful, but barring also has it's moments. I'd practice both with the focus on jumping.
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In scales, I pretty much always jump unless the notes come directly after one another. Rolling and barring are generally for arpeggios as far as I'm concerned.
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