Novice here. Read on a website some advice on adjusting pickups to suit the sound I want. (marvin twang) it says to raise the bridge pickup to 2mm and the nexk pickup as close to strings as possible. Is this realistic? It seems awfully close. Any advice? Thanks.

Article: https://thelittleguitarblog.wordpress.com/2012/07/07/stratocasters-part-1-basic-set-up-and-the-perfect-hank-marvin-tone/
Pickups too close to the strings can actually kill sustain, as the magnets are close enough that they influence the vibration. That, and the neck pickup is usually a bit louder anyway because the strings have a wider oscillation there. I wouldn't put a neck pickup that close to the strings; not by a long shot. Even without the sustain issues, you wouldn't want the pickups to have vastly different volume, which is what would happen doing that.

As for the bridge pickup adjustment, 2mm is fairly close, but not ridiculous. Ultimately, use your ears, not a measurement to decide.
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^^^^^Yes. Bridge pickup might be OK, but could sound "boomy" neck much too close - unless they are talking about the clearance when fretted at the last fret. Have them about the same volume. I use pickup tilt to get the 1st string and the 6th string the same on both pickups.