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Awesome work, buddy. It gave me BB face.

Thanks man
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Snatch is such a crude term - Use a better one like axe-wound or cave-opening.

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Sounded absolutely great, but I'm certain some of the licks were different from what's on the record. The first two phrases go up to a G note which I'm fairly sure you didn't play at all, and the second phrase was somewhat run into the third here. If you meant to do that then no problem, it sounds good; if you took it from a tab then the tab was wrong, and if you did it by ear then I'm surprised you didn't pick that up. Sorry if that sounds harsh, it probably helps that Stadium Arcadium was the second album I ever bought and I've listened to it regularly since; a great-sounding cover, your playing and tone are spot on regardless.
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Youre officially uber shit now.

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3d9310rd is far more upset than i 

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I'm a moron tho apparently and everyone should listen to you oh wise pretentious one