So guys, Im changing home and my amp is broken by the shippin company lol and I am soon getting my guitar back and need to get something to give it sound. I did a lot of research on cheap solutions and found two good solutions, given that i depend on my dad's money and he doesn't like spending money with that stuff lol. Basically I just needed potability and decent sound and both Amphones and iRig look like good solutions so I'd like some opinions on wich should I buy. Have in mind that I'll use the cheapy iphone earpods for the irig, because i cant buy a better output and thats whet you would expect since I play a chinese copy les paul *cries in a corner*

So basically the question here is wich of them should i buy :p

Amphones are 80 euros
and the irig combo would be like 40

I suggest you get an unbranded guitar link and you use free amp sims on your computer.

You may wanna check the introduction to recording sticky and the amp sims sticky in the recording section.
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The PC solution Luca suggested would be a good one.

However, I'd suggest getting a Zoom G1on & some better headphones. You can get the Zoom and a set of Sennhieser HD201s within your budget.

The headphones would give you a much better sound than your iPhone earpods.

The Zoom provides loads of sounds & options to play with like a looper & drum sequencer. It's also an excellent effects unit in it's own right that you'd be able to use with an amp once you've got a full setup again.
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