Hello, I've been at a pause from playing guitar for more than 3 months now due to monetary restraints and want to buy an amp so that I can get back to playing. I cannot decide between both amps. I do not own any pedals and my guitar is a Jackson RR3. The amp is intended solely for home practising.

Now, the ID:core suits my budget better as it is around the equivalent of 75$ less than the HT-1r, and allows for USB connectivity from which I can use patches and so, not to mention more effects. However, the HT-1R is a tube amp which I am sure would have much more tone to it. Have yet to try them both, but from youtube videos, clearly the HT1r is better sounding.

What do you guys think? The versatility and practicality of the ID:Core versus the purer fuller tone of the HT-1R? Let me know please.
I'd get the ID core.
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Used Pod HD Desktop. Will run you a little more but it is certainly worth more.
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For Home use I am using POD HD500X with a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50X headphones and it is unbeatable, sounds incredible! I also own a Blackstar Metal HT-5C, and it sounds great as well (and yes I know it isn't pure tube...). I always end up going back to the POD as it sounds a million times better (and might be just since I can crank the headphones a hell of a lot louder since I live in an apartment... louder sounds better to the ear...)
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